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The struggle to write custom papers is one that is not uncommon amongst students all over the world. Friends, classmates, and even acquaintances will come up to you and say "will you please write my paper for me" only to be responded with a polite but noncompliant shake of the head. Lucky for these people, things are about to change. We are the first ever website to provide an online service for paper writing at a nominal price. What our Wrirters produce are custom papers so you and your friends will never need to advance anyone with a distressed plea – ‘do my paper for me.'

Essay Jedi sell custom made papers that are authentic and original with no speck of plagiarism and copyright infringement. Our strict policies help us ascertain the authenticity of each paper that is produced, and our online portal to check for plagiarism and copyright infringement allows each of our users to do the same. Our service enables students to choose from an extensive array of custom papers as we are proud of being the first ever online paper writing service that has served up to 12,000 customers just in the opening six months of initiation. Students that want to help their counterparts and answer their call for help to ‘write paper for me’ can be a part of our team here at Essay Jedi.

Each customer upon reaching Essay Jedi, will be given a choice and the level of expertise that they would be comfortable with. Ranging from student editors to college professors, each paper writing service provided by these individuals carry their own particular fees structure. What students and academics can be confident about is the level of transparency that is maintained between the users and the team here at Essay Jedi. You will never be accountable to pay hidden fees for the custom papers that you decide to purchase. Writing the paper is the job of the author – all you need to do is sit back and relax. Our delivery service is of various types while the most obvious one being for receiving each paper online, upon special requests we can further post the desired custom papers to the user’s address so that they can witness the magic of our company’s one of a kind paper writing service in person.

Apart from that, upon registering for our service, our valued customers get some custom papers on any genre of their liking for free so that paper writing is not something that they should be worrying about. Writing an original paper is often important to develop one’s sense of individualism, people repeatedly say "I need to do my paper myself because no one else will know how to write like me." However, what Essay Jedi provides is an opportunity for you to develop your creative individuality while providing assistance in doing so. By being able to revise, edit and restructure the custom papers that are sold to the user, our customers have a very high feeling of contentment after working with us at Essay Jedi. Added to this fact is the extra benefit of having the complete rights to the paper, all of which makes Essay Jedi the perfect service for paper writing in the 21st century.



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An important factor that comes into play when writing college essays is the element of individuality and personal input. Students that feel discontent with the essays provided to them have the option to suggest rewrites and make changes to their essays themselves. Essay Jedi makes sure there is effective and healthy communication between the two parties, one that will guarantee the satisfaction of the customer, so that they do not feel that their valuable input is being ignored. We have set up a toll-free hotline number that will allow students to just pick up the phone and place their order for the best college essay to be delivered to their virtual doorstep.

Apart from our online portal, Essay Jedi provides free E-mail services that will keep the customer up to date with the progress of their work. Another factor that comes into play when writing college essays is the fear of plagiarism in both students and colleges alike. Essay Jedi guarantees that there is no chance of plagiarism in the essays that they provide. So much so, that our website has a separate program built in to detect any sort of copying and illegal use of our service. Our aim is to help the student and provide the best possible service to them, which is why our billing structure has been developed in such a way to prevent any trouble for the students that wish to take our help.

With the internet and social media becoming an ever expanding beacon of power - the global market has also evolved and adopted a cut-throat and extremely competitive atmosphere. Such circumstances have influenced the team at Essay Jedi to provide extremely economical price ranges for their services, one that provides the best college essays in the world! We let our customers browse through our variety of deals and discounts, even letting them create their own customized subscription package solely because our aim is to keep the customer happy, no matter what the cost is!

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Essay Jedi could possibly be the pioneers for modern education services with their brand new college essay service that provides the best college essays at a minimal price. Students, academics, and professors can all collectively agree that writing essays can be a torment in their professional life and Essay Jedi are determined to alleviate the said burden from all these people.

By providing an alternative source of essays that are written by our much-esteemed team of writers - our customers can gain access to the best college essays in the world. With a great variety and multitude of topics that these authors are well-versed in, our customers will find comfort in the fact that their requirements are being met. Essay Jedi has made a system that ensures the utmost contentment of the customer and by providing a unique college essay writing service – we aim to help students from all disciplines. Be it from humanities, sciences, the arts or engineering – our experts will be able to provide the best essays that are required for each of these schools and more.


The trials of a student, professor or any academic are often underrated in today's world. What most people fail to understand is that while these professionals are working towards and have a liking towards the English Language, writing custom essays can be a tiresome and daunting prospect for each one of them. That is where Essay Jedi comes into play. We provide a valuable custom essay writing service that provides our users with fast, customized essays suited to their own requirements.

While our service is not the first of its kind, we do guarantee our users that Essay Jedi are the only ones which provide such a fast and cheap custom essay writing service – one that transcends beyond its competition. Our writers and authors are individuals with a concrete and punctual work ethic, so we can ensure that your custom essays will be given the utmost attention and provided to you at the earliest possible time. We make sure that we understand the requirements of our users.

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Essay Jedi are surely one of the first to provide a service that brings all kinds of academics closer. Our custom essays are written by skilled and certified writers that have a great depth of knowledge and insight into what goes in college essays. By writing your essays with this experience, Essay Jedi makes certain you get the best and fast custom essay possible.

Our online portal system has two functions, one to make sure there's no plagiarism amongst our work and secondly that the grammar, spelling and all sort of typos and errors are not made. Our custom essay writing process is a meticulous one – and will always provide a fast custom essay at a cheap, affordable price. Our price ranges are suited to the constraints that students face, and they should not be fearful of the exorbitant prices that are normally in the market. Essay Jedi has made it its motto to be a cheap custom essay writing service, and will provide their users with the best custom essays in the world.

Our email service and readily available customer support are all part of the package that comes with subscribing to our custom essay writing service. As our users are our first priority, we take a great deal in hearing back from them; their feedback is what makes us improve our service. Because of which there is a 100% refund policy upon an unsatisfactory custom essay. Users are allowed and encouraged to send in their edits and their ideas, so our writers here at Essay Jedi can be clearly apprised of what they require and when they require it. We understand the significance of deadlines; hence provide a fast custom essay to each client.

Along with a strong database of cheap custom essays, Essay Jedi have an online forum where its users can interact with each other and our wide array of writers which have provided them with this fast custom writing service. Such interaction builds trust between the two communities and helps improve our writers so that they can provide a fast custom essay to the next customer whenever the need may arise.